Ignore Everybody and 39 ways to creativity by Hugh Macleod

I have to admit that I am not a creative person and I have always struggled to find ways to develop ideas or rather, rescue myself from the boring cycle of mundane process at work. In the corporations that I have worked for before, they would kill the creative process and not take the risks that will improve and enhance the overall end results. (Yes, tell me about political balls and being creative in a non-creative position).

Please do not misunderstand me. I have read and attended courses on how to be creative and take risks. The problem that I have is that, I take a while to grasp the fundamentals. This guy here, has humbly pointed out the key pointers, useful in various aspects of our lives. Boy, I am glad that the author mentions that the whole process take time. Hugh is honest about that and he reminds us that we all have our own Mount Everest to climb. It does not matter whether the outcome is good or bad, because, without trying, we will never learn or gain any new insight.
One thing I like about the book is the sense of humor that comes along with it. It feels as if Hugh is talking right in front of me. While I find my long way towards creativity, here are some key pointers that I personally feel that are useful and I can relate myself to.

• Merit can be bought. Passion can’t. I honestly didn’t know that is all right to be upset about procedures I didn’t know that the negative feeling is actually a primal calling for survival. The sad thing about white collar jobs is that they mostly require us to get things done, with the paths that have been created before. Often enough, people do not have the right mindset to make little changes. They simply go through the motion and they are contented. Maybe we should take a step back, streamline the thoughts and communicate better. That way, people will listen and together, figure out better solution. They do not to be impressive, just simply start with small simple step.That’s why, we should take a moment to ponder about what drives us, instead of aligning our ideas with the money offered. As they say, ‘it’s not just a job. It’s who you are.

Work aside, I feel that we should have hobbies other than working full time, not just to relax and have a change of environment, but for one simple goal to motivate ourselves, to be better individuals.

• Don’t worry about finding inspiration. It will come eventually. I always worry about not contributing in a meeting, and not finding ideas to improve my KPI and productivity. This is regardless of whether it is my fault or not. I won’t deny that I hate it when my bosses place a value of me based on the numbers. It feels like the end of the world at times. But really, I guess at times, we should not take ourselves too seriously. But rather, take it a step at a time, finding something new or improve on the entire cycle, if not a minor process quietly. If it works, share the knowledge with the team gracefully.

• Write from your heart. It is with the love from the God, that I begin blogging, sincerely.

ignore everybody