Review on Toastmasters Project 1: Life is an enduring marathon

I did my first project for Toastmasters (The Ice Breaker) for Competent Communicator (CC) on 21st Oct 2016 and here are the feedback I got.

What strong points does the speaker already have?

She was a confident speaker, and did not show nervousness when speaking.

How well did the audience get to know the speaker?

4/5. She has shared us her passion for running and certain experiences and the reason why she likes it.

Did the speaker reflect adequate preparation?


Did the speaker talk clearly and audibly?


Did the speech have a definite opening, body and conclusion?

Her speech has a clear structure.

Please comment on the speaker’s use of notes.

She did not use any notes for the speech

What could the speaker have done differently that would have improved the speech?

Incorporate more body language, as she spoke about her jogging experience, it would be better if she could express it more with body language.

What did you like about the presentation?

I like the way she opens her speech saying that people can easily look up someone’s basic profile online, but not one’s passion. She brilliantly ends her speech with an invitation to the guests to share about their own passions.

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