Review on Toastmasters Project 5: Life lessons from my fitness journey

I did my 5th project (Your  body speaks) on the 20th Jan 2017.

Generally, the evaluators enjoyed the oepning, structure and flow (plan and suggestions) of the speech.The speech was also well prepared and interesting.

This time, I am not going to put the ratings of the evaluation form because during this meeting, I had comments from three evaluators /guests who are speech evaluator, general evaluator and language evaluator.

Suggestions for self improvements before and after speech: Video myself, listen to it without the voice and after that for with the voice.

Areas of improvements:

  1. Eye Contact: Dont just focus on what is in front of you but also behind you, look longer at someone whom you are comfortable with to get support
  2. Body movement: Too much, limit to T junction, two steps behind, forward, sides
  3. Body language: Remove shoes for safety sake before doing the yoga pose, do two poses instead of one
  4. Tone of voice: Could have used a variety to emphasize points, excitement

Language evaluation: 

  1. Use of language for the purpose of communication: Mix of languages, local terms with translation will make speeches more interesting, good body language
  2. Remember to use your own style
  3. Make an impact on simple things such as ‘ Good evening’ with ‘How is it going?’ or ‘I look forward to your next speech’ to ‘All the best for your next project. I wish to hear…’


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