Review on Toastmasters Project 7: Impending Future of Business Intelligence (BI)

I did my Project 7 on the 17th Feb 2017.

I was not exactly happy with the progress for this theme. It could be due to nasty stressful week that led to me forgetting about nearly one third of the content. I definitely was anxious and unable to control my loud volume. I didnt smile and light up as much as I wanted as it was an area close to my heart. Lastly, I did not use my powerpoint slides as we did not have a clicker at that moment. If I had used it, my words would have carried more words. Overall, lesson learnt and time to move on and do better!

Apart from the feedback from the evaluator, I had a few other feedback from the audience as well which I think is a good practice for the club to keep.

Feedback from Audience

  • Content is good with supporting facts and examples
  • Could have slowed down a bit and use pauses
  • Present confidently despite the light on
  • Knowledgeable on the topic presented
  • Got to simplify technical jargon to English
  • Topic is a little bit diversified, should have narrowed down the focus
  • There were some instances of nervousness during some parts of the speech

Feedback from Evaluator

  • How well did the speaker’s topic apply to the audience?

The topic was very enlightening. I wanted to hear more about how BI is used.

  • Was the topic well researched?

The topic was adequately researched.

  • How well did the speaker support her main points?

Main points were supported with examples and stories. Would love to see more visuals.

  • Was the support materials appropriate for the point made?

The support materials were appropriate and informative. I was surprised to learn about how business analyse our actions.

  • Did the speaker vary the types of support materials?

The support material was verbal only and based on her professional experience.

  • How clear was the speaker’s purpose?

I was quite clear of the purpose. Perhaps it was to inform us about the mechanics of BI.

  • Was the speech effectively organized?

Organization was okay. Could have improved on the conclusion more.

  • Did the speaker take advantage of the body language and vocal variety?

Body language and vocal variety were adequate for the speech. Mostly used hand gestures. Vocal variety had bits of pitch changes when delivering different facts.

  • What could the speaker have done differently to improve the speech?

Use some visual aids and state sources of information

  • What did you like about the speech?

I like the topic and would like to know more about BI measurements and metrics. Although you were stressed talking, ironically, you did not look nervous. Anxious, yes but NOT nervous.

  • Other feedback from evaluator:
  1. Limit the amount of information
  2. State the outline beforehand
  3. List and identify the sources of information
  4. Use different tyoes if supporting materials such as visual aids, statistics, testimonies, examples, stories, readings etc

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