Review on Toastmasters Project 8: My love affair

I did my Project 8 on the 17th March 2017.

I personally felt better during this presentation than I did the previous one. I will probably need to focus more on the start and ending of my speeches in the future to ensure I start and end with a bang. I will need to work on my creativity to use visual aids better in the future.

My evaluator graded me based on the following acronyms:

  1. What was mentioned: In love with Netflix
  2. What was memorable: Sense of humor in words such as rheoterical devices and irony
  3. What was mendable: Limit props and use them throughout the entire presentation

What cound the speaker have done differently to make the speech more effective?

  • Use or choose a prop or two that could exemplify your message to make it more memorable rather than one off event
  • Link the props to your key message in your conclusion

What did you like about the speech?

  • Fun topic
  • Good use of language and humor
  • Audience enjoyed your speech



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