Toastmasters Project 8: My Love Affair

Club President, Fellow Toastmasters and Guests, I spent most of my Saturday afternoons, spending time with my virtual lover. He entertains me with stories from Stranger things, master of none and the fall. You name it. I can spend up to 12h, being a potato couch, in his presence. Have you guessed who my virtual lover is? Anyone?

My dear fellow toastmasters, It is Netflix. How many of you have signed up for an account with Netflix since they expanded to Singapore? How many of you have an account via other means before they were made available? It will stay within this four walls, so you don’t have to worry.

Ok, Netflix has changed the face of television. We are now.. almost cordless (Action: cut cord string). They have expanded to over 130 countries in Jan 2016 and we can watch the shows via our mobile phones, ipads while on the move. It is so convenient now isn’t it? It has connected the world, through its best storytellers all in one place.

Action: (Sit on a chair and use shawl as a blanket)

But for me, I prefer watching Netflix on my sofa or in the comfort of my bed, all wrapped up in my blanket or pillows…

Ever since I have Netflix, I have ditched my television. The televisions in my home are now owned by my parents. I no longer bother fighting with my dad over which channel we should watch on Saturday nights.

My dad would say ‘I need to watch my soccer now. Its Blackburn versus Liverpool tonight while I want to watch Criminal Minds.

(Mimic conversation with Dad)

Baba: Kakak, go upstairs. I want to watch my soccer game now..

Me: Cannot, I come down first so the tv is mine..

Now, I only have to pay $12 for a peace of mind and a peaceful home. Especially when you have three women and one man in the house.

There is more…

  1. God bless Netflix for NO COMMERCIALS!!!

Do you know the amount of things I can do during the commercial break while watching a show on cable tv? I can walk to my bathroom and wash up to get ready for bed. That’s how long it is. With Netflix, the same show on cable tv will take only 40mins to be streamed online unlike the typical 60mins.  That’s a good 20mins to spare for the next episode.

  1. My lover knows how to satisfy me, the way I like it..

Netflix uses the art of recommendation to learn what I like and adapts to my preferences. Through user ratings and tracking history of what I watch, Netflix is able to suggest the next suitable best show for me to watch. They are pretty accurate. If I give a five star rating on one show, I will like the next show that it recommends. That is some awesome analytics done there! That is knowing what a woman wants!

  1. Netflix promotes love and sharing

Netflix account can be used on multiple devices. My account can be used by my parents and sister as well. It’s just $12 per month and I love giving to my family, so what’s better than that? Other than watching live sports events on tv, my extended family enjoys watching movies on Netflix. It does not have to be the latest one, just the one we all love.

If all that is not enough to satisfy me, my virtual lover keeps on evolving to keep me excited and give me things to look forward to. Their new technology will allow viewers to decide on the flow of the entire story. Imagine being given the choice to decide how a drama should end?

What happens if the storyline is simple?

If the storyline is simple, such as children’s shows, then it will be like an adventure games for kids.

But if the storyline is more complex such as House of Cards or Orange is new black, then viewers will have an option of connecting plot points in a variety of ways to determine the ending of the drama using their remote control. Actors will have to work harder by filming multiple scenarios in advance in order to align with Netflix’s interactive goals. To some of us, it may boost our creative juices, to others, it may be too much work especially when all you want to do is to relax. The child in me is very excited for that to happen. At least, we have options right?

Now if you excuse me, I will need to get back to my lover and binge watch Suits right from the first season again.

Oh….. if any of you have not experienced Netflix yet, I am willing to share…. I urge you to watch a movie on Netflix and I would love to hear about your experience.

Thank you, back to you Toastmaster of the Day.


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