Toastmaster Project 10: The Journey

Good evening, Ladies and gentlemen. I want to thank each and every one of you for making time to attend my book signing in Singapore.  It’s great to be back here after being away in New York for three years since 2017.

The book that I have written, called ‘Recipes of life’ has won a couple of book awards – One as a New York bestselling author and one as a self-published author. Let’s look at some of the reviews.

It took me 10 years to get to where I am now. The reason why I started writing was because I wanted to document down summaries of the self-development books that I have read. Then I found WordPress, an online community where bloggers write and upload their works for free. After a few posts, I was getting loads of comments. The insecurities I was working through were resonating with strangers online. That was how powerful the online community is! We support one another because we believe!

Ladies and gentlemen, I have struggled to make a difference. I have felt appalled whenever I thought of the civilized world not needing what I have to offer. I have been frustrated by people’s apathy and my own inability to communicate the importance of something that matters to me.

My fellow toastmasters, writing is a fulfilling yet a very lonely process. It’s very isolating because you’re just by yourself. You have to be very self-motivated and get the work done and sometimes you just don’t, and that’s bad.

But what I have also learned, that with resounding hope, my writing does make a difference. There were occasions whereby I had readers commenting that my writings do relate to them and that I should write more.

That little push, however small was enough a catalyst, a spark that propelled and fuelled me to write my own book. I started to write about my own life experiences and came out with a framework on how we can motivate ourselves and fight on. I wrote to multiple publishing companies but received rejections one after another. It felt like I was in high school back again trying to find a date for prom. Hence, I decided to publish my own book. I printed twenty copies and started to distribute them to guests that I met during my university alumni events. I also made the craziest but by far my smartest decision in 2017 to move to New York, the land where the world’s best writers live and thrive.

My dear friends, to me, the self-promotion part is the most difficult thing I had to do (well apart from doing my own laundry and learning to cook every single day. Oh god, I missed my mum) as I was saying, the most difficult part was self-promoting myself, and my book, to get my name out there. Constantly having to go on social media and meeting representatives from publishing companies to talk about myself is very embarrassing experience. I feel so ashamed saying, “Please, read my book!”

You know the feeling of that moment between action and consequence, eternal and fleeting. It’s when whatever you did has occurred but the reaction is yet to come. The seed of embarrassment gets wedged inside me ready to blossom red upon your cheeks.  That experience, ladies and gentlemen, was my personal hall of shame. I have never thought in my entire life, that I had to do a sales pitch.

I thought I was done after I self- published my book. I was so wrong. One fateful day, a representative from a publishing company called to tell me that my book was the most googled book online and she encouraged me to enter the competition ‘Writers Digest Self Published book awards’. I have won two awards since then.

But the most important lesson that I have learnt is that all is matters are the words you write. Nothing else. When you do your thing, it doesn’t matter (and it shouldn’t) what others are going to think about it. You should stop worrying whether have something to say or if people will read it or people will like your work. But it’s about saying in your voice. And that is something we all have.

My dear friends, I urge you to write because its liberating. I persuade you to write because you are unique and I want you to write because no other person who came before you or who will come after you will ever, ever be able to do it in quite the same way that you can.

As Winston Churchill once said, we make a living by what we earn, but we make a life by what we give.”

Take a leap of faith and start writing, wherever you are, tonight. Thank you.


Review on Toastmasters Project 9: Pen it down!

I did my Project 9 on 21st April 2017.

I did not do very well for this project and my mentors and evaluators felt that I did not quite meet the objectives. I have repeated this project a couple of times but still not much of improvements.

The feedback given was the following:

  • There was just too many main topics. I should have focused on three main points and developed from there
  • Not much ‘good vocabulary’ such as rhetorical devices used
  • Body language does not portray much power
  • Vocal variety does not convince others to start writing

Once I am done with Project 10, I will be taking a couple of months off to focus a little bit more on writing, perhaps writing an article or two on Business Intelligence and a couple more reviews on self development books.

At the same time, I would like to focus more on Emotional Intelligence and improve the way I present myself. That way, I will be better prepared for Advanced Toastmasters modules and communicate better with others and at work!

Toastmasters Project 9: Pen it down!

Can you imagine a life where creativity is considered a shameful activity that should be done behind closed doors? Can you imagine a world where self-expression is viewed as irrational, emotional and often frowned upon?

Ladies and gentlemen, writing is  part of our everyday life. At its most basic, writing is a way of communication. It is the one inalienable characteristic of writing itself, whether you’re communicating with a colleague or friend or you’re communicating with yourself – through a to do list, for instance.

Aside from the fact that writing is an inescapable part of everyday life, there are many good reasons you should make a good session of writing part of your daily routine, even if it’s just a few hundred words. You don’t have to be a pro to reap the benefits of creating the written word.

Facts on writing:

  • Research by Laura King mentioned that Writing and happiness are correlated:
    • Expressive writing such as jotting down your emotions and goals has therapeutic effects such as improved mood, reduced stress levels for those who write regularly
  • Research by Adam Grant mentioned that Writing helps one to cope with trauma and bad times better:
    • Sometimes we are unable to verbally communicate our trauma or emotions, and it is much easier to write
    • Engineers were retrenched and 52% of them who wrote who reemployed full time in 8 months as compared to 19% of those who don’t

When I first started out,

  • I was afraid of people judging me, not so much of strangers, but of families and friends if they were to read my blog
  • I was afraid of writing unworthy stories, as language was not my cup of tea

But I chose to write anyway and I have been writing summaries on self development books. A couple of times I have got comments saying that my writings help readers who don’t have the time to read and apparently, a couple of my former bosses came across my blog and encouraged me to increase on the quantity. It’s little things like that will push you on and go a long way.

I cant guarantee you will get your next best gig or if you can make money from your writing, but at least you get the following benefits:

  • Knowing what you want
    • Making it clear on what outcome you want to achieve from a situation, activity or goal
  • Develop your analytical skills
    • Working through your problems with a piece of paper encourages you think through logical and creative ways
    • People tend to react to problems rather than responding to it, but if you’re used to solving them by processing each component of the problem in writing, you’ll develop a better approach and skillset.
    • You’ll at least pause to think through the situation before hitting the panic button next time something comes up!
  • Meeting yourself all over again
    • Life is so fast paced that its easy to lose yourself
    • By letting words flow out of your brain unedited can introduce you to a part of yourself you’d been censoring from yourself to cope with everyday life.

Discontentment, disillusionment, and unhappiness often come from forgetting why we’re doing something (for instance, on a different track, not having a good reason for living a certain way) and it is important to keep those simple reasons at the forefront of your mind or you run the risk of letting your life becoming mundane.

It’s not only important to remind yourself of your motives for your current actions; it’s important to monitor your actions to see if they are aligned with your life goals or if there is a need to change them if needed. Sometimes, the only way to keep such a close monitor on your actions and goals is to write about them every day.

Friends, as William Faulkner said ‘Get it down. Take chances. It may be bad, but it’s the only way you can do anything really good.’

Review on Toastmasters Project 8: My love affair

I did my Project 8 on the 17th March 2017.

I personally felt better during this presentation than I did the previous one. I will probably need to focus more on the start and ending of my speeches in the future to ensure I start and end with a bang. I will need to work on my creativity to use visual aids better in the future.

My evaluator graded me based on the following acronyms:

  1. What was mentioned: In love with Netflix
  2. What was memorable: Sense of humor in words such as rheoterical devices and irony
  3. What was mendable: Limit props and use them throughout the entire presentation

What cound the speaker have done differently to make the speech more effective?

  • Use or choose a prop or two that could exemplify your message to make it more memorable rather than one off event
  • Link the props to your key message in your conclusion

What did you like about the speech?

  • Fun topic
  • Good use of language and humor
  • Audience enjoyed your speech



Toastmasters Project 8: My Love Affair

Club President, Fellow Toastmasters and Guests, I spent most of my Saturday afternoons, spending time with my virtual lover. He entertains me with stories from Stranger things, master of none and the fall. You name it. I can spend up to 12h, being a potato couch, in his presence. Have you guessed who my virtual lover is? Anyone?

My dear fellow toastmasters, It is Netflix. How many of you have signed up for an account with Netflix since they expanded to Singapore? How many of you have an account via other means before they were made available? It will stay within this four walls, so you don’t have to worry.

Ok, Netflix has changed the face of television. We are now.. almost cordless (Action: cut cord string). They have expanded to over 130 countries in Jan 2016 and we can watch the shows via our mobile phones, ipads while on the move. It is so convenient now isn’t it? It has connected the world, through its best storytellers all in one place.

Action: (Sit on a chair and use shawl as a blanket)

But for me, I prefer watching Netflix on my sofa or in the comfort of my bed, all wrapped up in my blanket or pillows…

Ever since I have Netflix, I have ditched my television. The televisions in my home are now owned by my parents. I no longer bother fighting with my dad over which channel we should watch on Saturday nights.

My dad would say ‘I need to watch my soccer now. Its Blackburn versus Liverpool tonight while I want to watch Criminal Minds.

(Mimic conversation with Dad)

Baba: Kakak, go upstairs. I want to watch my soccer game now..

Me: Cannot, I come down first so the tv is mine..

Now, I only have to pay $12 for a peace of mind and a peaceful home. Especially when you have three women and one man in the house.

There is more…

  1. God bless Netflix for NO COMMERCIALS!!!

Do you know the amount of things I can do during the commercial break while watching a show on cable tv? I can walk to my bathroom and wash up to get ready for bed. That’s how long it is. With Netflix, the same show on cable tv will take only 40mins to be streamed online unlike the typical 60mins.  That’s a good 20mins to spare for the next episode.

  1. My lover knows how to satisfy me, the way I like it..

Netflix uses the art of recommendation to learn what I like and adapts to my preferences. Through user ratings and tracking history of what I watch, Netflix is able to suggest the next suitable best show for me to watch. They are pretty accurate. If I give a five star rating on one show, I will like the next show that it recommends. That is some awesome analytics done there! That is knowing what a woman wants!

  1. Netflix promotes love and sharing

Netflix account can be used on multiple devices. My account can be used by my parents and sister as well. It’s just $12 per month and I love giving to my family, so what’s better than that? Other than watching live sports events on tv, my extended family enjoys watching movies on Netflix. It does not have to be the latest one, just the one we all love.

If all that is not enough to satisfy me, my virtual lover keeps on evolving to keep me excited and give me things to look forward to. Their new technology will allow viewers to decide on the flow of the entire story. Imagine being given the choice to decide how a drama should end?

What happens if the storyline is simple?

If the storyline is simple, such as children’s shows, then it will be like an adventure games for kids.

But if the storyline is more complex such as House of Cards or Orange is new black, then viewers will have an option of connecting plot points in a variety of ways to determine the ending of the drama using their remote control. Actors will have to work harder by filming multiple scenarios in advance in order to align with Netflix’s interactive goals. To some of us, it may boost our creative juices, to others, it may be too much work especially when all you want to do is to relax. The child in me is very excited for that to happen. At least, we have options right?

Now if you excuse me, I will need to get back to my lover and binge watch Suits right from the first season again.

Oh….. if any of you have not experienced Netflix yet, I am willing to share…. I urge you to watch a movie on Netflix and I would love to hear about your experience.

Thank you, back to you Toastmaster of the Day.


Review on Toastmasters Project 7: Impending Future of Business Intelligence (BI)

I did my Project 7 on the 17th Feb 2017.

I was not exactly happy with the progress for this theme. It could be due to nasty stressful week that led to me forgetting about nearly one third of the content. I definitely was anxious and unable to control my loud volume. I didnt smile and light up as much as I wanted as it was an area close to my heart. Lastly, I did not use my powerpoint slides as we did not have a clicker at that moment. If I had used it, my words would have carried more words. Overall, lesson learnt and time to move on and do better!

Apart from the feedback from the evaluator, I had a few other feedback from the audience as well which I think is a good practice for the club to keep.

Feedback from Audience

  • Content is good with supporting facts and examples
  • Could have slowed down a bit and use pauses
  • Present confidently despite the light on
  • Knowledgeable on the topic presented
  • Got to simplify technical jargon to English
  • Topic is a little bit diversified, should have narrowed down the focus
  • There were some instances of nervousness during some parts of the speech

Feedback from Evaluator

  • How well did the speaker’s topic apply to the audience?

The topic was very enlightening. I wanted to hear more about how BI is used.

  • Was the topic well researched?

The topic was adequately researched.

  • How well did the speaker support her main points?

Main points were supported with examples and stories. Would love to see more visuals.

  • Was the support materials appropriate for the point made?

The support materials were appropriate and informative. I was surprised to learn about how business analyse our actions.

  • Did the speaker vary the types of support materials?

The support material was verbal only and based on her professional experience.

  • How clear was the speaker’s purpose?

I was quite clear of the purpose. Perhaps it was to inform us about the mechanics of BI.

  • Was the speech effectively organized?

Organization was okay. Could have improved on the conclusion more.

  • Did the speaker take advantage of the body language and vocal variety?

Body language and vocal variety were adequate for the speech. Mostly used hand gestures. Vocal variety had bits of pitch changes when delivering different facts.

  • What could the speaker have done differently to improve the speech?

Use some visual aids and state sources of information

  • What did you like about the speech?

I like the topic and would like to know more about BI measurements and metrics. Although you were stressed talking, ironically, you did not look nervous. Anxious, yes but NOT nervous.

  • Other feedback from evaluator:
  1. Limit the amount of information
  2. State the outline beforehand
  3. List and identify the sources of information
  4. Use different tyoes if supporting materials such as visual aids, statistics, testimonies, examples, stories, readings etc

Toastmasters Project 7: Impending Future of Business Intelligence (BI)

Greetings, fellow toastmasters, friends and guests,

Definition of BI (Slide 1)

You may have heard about Business Intelligence (BI). But what does that really mean? In simple terms, it refers to delivering relevant and reliable information to the right people at the right time with the goal of making informed decisions.

To do this, it requires methods and programs to collect unstructured data and convert them into information and present it in ways that tell us business insights or what we call as data storytelling.

Picture this.

  • You walk into a grocery store and wanted to look for chicken, bread and carrots.
  • You don’t need to find an employee and ask them where to look
  • Grocery stores are organized into aisles and signs to make the stores relatively simple to navigate
  • Now imagine the items as your business data and you need to collect information on production hours and sales goals.
  • Most people will look for three experts and ask them where they can find the information and compile the data for you
  • BI is all about collecting messy data and tuning them into tidy and accessible data store
    • That way, you can leverage on your own data and find what you need
    • Today, organizations no longer need complex excel spreadsheets but rather they rely on BI tools to extract data any time they want


  • BI first started out when people are able to pull reports to analyze the current company performance
  • This was done largely in paper form, which someone dedicated to look at the numbers and they were able to have an integrated view of what is happening and how they can plan for the future


  • Such tasks have been digitized, we have contracts and receipts now. These make things easier as we can easily generate reports and all we need to do is to gather business insights.
  • In other words, BI is becoming more pervasive now, meaning, we are democratizing BI for the masses, allowing more functions to adopt the tool
  • Case study: Airbnb
    • Use of BI:
      1. Get fast answers to critical business questions by using Natural Language Processing
        • Deployed a natural language processing technology to review the text on the message threads or review boards to lift some sentiment out of it as well. That way, their technology allows them to understand what is driving the feedback or sentiments
        • Data never sleeps, look at trends in their sales pipeline and see which areas can be targeted for impact
      2. Gain insights into customers
        • BI software allows companies to discover patterns within customer behaviors, offering greater visibility into what customers want, when they want it and how they want it
        • Acquired Luxury Retreats, a Montreal-based vacation rental service to include their wealthy clientele that are looking for longer vacation rentals in places that are considered more traditional vacation destinations


  • BI will converge into other areas:
    • Artificial intelligence (AI)
    • Machine learning
  • Predicting seizures and strokes
  • Singapore-based startup Healint launched an app called JustShakeIt that enables a user to send an emergency alert to emergency contacts and/or caregivers simply by shaking the phone with one hand.
  • The program uses a machine learning algorithm to distinguish between actual emergency shakes and everyday jostling. In addition to the JustShakeIt app, Healint is working on a model that analyzes patients’ cell phone accelerometer data to help identify warning signs for chronic neurological conditions.
  • How will BI transform industries?
    • Airline industry
    • Driverless vehicles (Pay as you drive)
      • 10million self driving cars by 2020
      • We cannot ensure make these machines make ethical decisions but we can make them avoid the wrong decisions

Downside of BI
Ladies and gentlemen, as we move towards a collaborative and consensus driven environment, we must also know that technology is a double edged sword.

  • Data storytelling can go against us
    • HR using data to predict when employees are getting married or when they can get chronic diseases
  • Jobs are automated
    • We, humans should stay relevant by investing in our EI and develop skills to listen, interact and motivate others.
    • For instance, a robot can provide a medical diagnosis, but a person can help to understand a patient’s situation (financial, quality of life) before suggesting the best optimal treatment for the patient.

According to McKinsey, by 2020, we will have about 20b machines connected to internet. They include airplanes, turbines, not just our computers. We will continuously gather data. It is then up to us to innovate, use the data wisely to solve society’s problems such as healthcare and environment.

Some of the trends might be on track, some will require a little bit more ambition and effort. But hey, if I get any of these right, remember from who you heard them from.

Thank you and have a good one.




Review on Toastmasters Project 6: Rejection 1,2,3

I did my Project 6 on 3rd February 2017.

I don’t think I did well for this presentation as I missed a couple of paragraphs because I mistook the green light as a red one. I then ended my presentation because of the misunderstanding.

My evaluator mentioned the following areas of improvements in private:

  • Use more body languages: hand gestures, utilize the stage
  • Language improvements: Describe the characters, use triads etc
  • Improve on your style of presentation, change it if need to
  • Use pauses, tones to emphasize points, and to encourage empathy

She also gave me the following pointers:

  • Follow one or more good speakers
  • Use more descriptive words to engage audience

I won’t put the feedback based on the template here as I feel that the critic provided was a lot more valuable in my opinion for me to work on.




Toastmasters Project 6:Rejection 1,2,3

Happy new year everyone. We had Chinese New Year in January so what do we have in February, can anyone guess? Yes, valentine day.

Dating is hard. Putting yourself out there is difficult. You might get rejected. I have been told that I should not have been the one taking the first step and let the man do the hunting. So, I went against the norm and asked a few guys out. Yes, I have been rejected a few times.

Rejected because of ‘I scared the man off

Three years back, there was this guy whom I got to know at a work function. We exchanged numbers and started going out. We had so much in common. The love of running, food, nature etc. Sounds perfect right?

After two dates, for some reason we didn’t keep in touch. Work kept us busy. But I’m sure I have scared the poor man off by giving off the flight signals when I mentioned my expectations.

Rejected because of incompatible goals

One Friday night two years ago, I was in a pub with a friend after a horri-ble day at work. She left me alone after she made a couple of new friends. There I was hanging around, lost and there was this guy who approached me. He offered to buy me a drink and we started talking. We made arrangements to meet up the next day for brunch.

We met up and started to know each other. We were hanging out every now and then. So when the time comes, we started talking about our lifestyles, goals etc. This continued for about two years. Yes, we were playing tug and war for two years before we finally decided to remain as friends.

Rejected twice in a row. One because I scared the man off and 2nd because of incompatible goals. Intense pain pierced through my heart. I felt that my self-worth was thrown into the trash can.

My AHA Moment

The surprising truth about rejection is that they are supposed to act as a compass. They teach you what you don’t want so you can learn what you do. They give you a major sense of direction.

Everyone will go through rejection. It’s so easy for you to validate yourself. Its even easier to identify with it. Don’t identify with it. It is not you. It doesn’t define you. You define you. There is no answer why ‘Why me?’ It just was me. Be grateful for it because it gave me a choice. A chance to start over.

Remember what I said earlier about men? They are hunters so I have got to let them do their thing. If the speed is too fast, I would tell him to slow down and give him incentives to please you. Give him incentives to poach you. It’s a very simple philosophy. Men in general want speed while women in general want comfort. The space in between is a good for a start for dating.

We all get lost in the digital world. You meet someone and say ‘Hey, I think we have been checking each other out for far too long, here’s my number’. Don’t do that, at least not immediately.

Pretend it’s 1995. You meet people and connect and then date. Be a good conversationalist, get the number and then call don’t text.

Amidst of all the excitement, remember this. The person you should date, is yourself. Be the right person you wanna date before hoping to find the right partner.

Review on Toastmasters Project 5: Life lessons from my fitness journey

I did my 5th project (Your  body speaks) on the 20th Jan 2017.

Generally, the evaluators enjoyed the oepning, structure and flow (plan and suggestions) of the speech.The speech was also well prepared and interesting.

This time, I am not going to put the ratings of the evaluation form because during this meeting, I had comments from three evaluators /guests who are speech evaluator, general evaluator and language evaluator.

Suggestions for self improvements before and after speech: Video myself, listen to it without the voice and after that for with the voice.

Areas of improvements:

  1. Eye Contact: Dont just focus on what is in front of you but also behind you, look longer at someone whom you are comfortable with to get support
  2. Body movement: Too much, limit to T junction, two steps behind, forward, sides
  3. Body language: Remove shoes for safety sake before doing the yoga pose, do two poses instead of one
  4. Tone of voice: Could have used a variety to emphasize points, excitement

Language evaluation: 

  1. Use of language for the purpose of communication: Mix of languages, local terms with translation will make speeches more interesting, good body language
  2. Remember to use your own style
  3. Make an impact on simple things such as ‘ Good evening’ with ‘How is it going?’ or ‘I look forward to your next speech’ to ‘All the best for your next project. I wish to hear…’