FARAH is my name. I am a positive motivator and a student of life. I am the owner of the blog, ‘Road to self-discovery, acceptance and betterment’. I started writing the past few years. The reason why I started writing was to compile whatever I have read in the personal development books and use them as a reference whenever needed. It is only until recently when I started Toastmasters to improve my public speaking skills that I decided to add a section on it as well.

I am working towards transforming my writing into motivational pieces, when I realized that writing not only changed my life for the better and I believe that I should help others to find their purpose. I am now working on expanding my online presence to share my works and hopefully you will feel the same way as I do. At the same time, I hope that the summaries will help you understand and find whatever you need in a short period of time, before you read the book itself.

It seems like yesterday when I posted my first article. I stopped for a while and resumed writing on an irregular basis, which is something that I am working on improving. Internet has made the world a small global place and I hope to contribute to the online community, tapping on one reader at a time, one appreciation and hopefully one life.

Do reach out to me should you have any idea on how I can improve on my blog and online community. Till then, keep reading and writing!